shackle flip, and 63" springs

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by bigredblazer, Jul 11, 2001.

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    my first question is about the height. Will I still be sitting at 4" with theese springs. I realize I'll have to remount the shackle flip back, but I thought about flipping them side to side also to give me a couple more inches. Is it better to redrill the springs for the center pin, or get custom springs made? Thanks for any info...Jon
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    Re: shackle flip, and 63\" springs

    If you want to use out of the box 63" GM springs, you'll have to adjust the wheelbase, or move both spring hangers. You can't re-drill the springs to move the pin that much. It would throw the leaves all out of whack. I had a set built for that specifically, but the shackle ended up mounted off the bumper almost, there's a pic on our site in the top truck pics.
    You should end up at least close to a 4" lift using the 4" flip with a stock GM spring. There are quite a few variables, but experience and educated guessing about rates, etc both indicate that you'll be close.

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