sharpening a shaving blade

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    im really considering getting myself a shaving blade cuz im sick of electric shavers and other junk that never works worth a damn and are too crappy to cut facial hair without a lot of trouble, i gave up on disposable and other razors long ago, they are total garbage, as you can see in my avatar pic(a few days old) i give up often on shaving often for a while cuz well it doesnt work out and is a big fiasco everytime! i hate shaving its a major PITA

    and so i am trying to learn what i can about shaving blades because i dont know anything else that can possibly work any better than everything else out there

    anyways im trying to learn about shaving blades right now

    so anyone who has and uses one- how do you go about sharpening yours

    do you use a stone? or an X-style pull through style sharpener?

    and if you use a stone do you use oil?
    or water ?
    if oil then what kind of oil

    i was reading that page, but im still kinda confused

    do you really need to buy a shaving blade specifically ? any real reason ? i mean why couldnt you make your own stainless steel blade ? i mean no matter what blade you used its only going to touch so much of your face each stroke- no matter what blade it was,

    so i mean ?

    and how to properly use the strop ?

    do you pull, or push the blade over it ?? one side only? both?
    some are backed by some other material ? why ?

    i read this page but i am even more confused after reading it than before i read it:

    i just want to shave, successfully ? no ?

    thanks for anything
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