Sheetrocking question - Builders/remodelers?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by newyorkin, Jan 4, 2003.

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    Hey all.

    I'm in process of restoring (making livable) my 1920's era house, and in the two future kids' rooms, the cieling has 2 smooth bends on each side. Basically, the room is a very large dormer, and the cieling slants with the roof of the dormer, then flattens across the top, but there are no sharp angles until it hits the wall. It's all done with plaster, and I had originally planned to give up the curves up there and sheetrock it with ugly but necessary angles.

    So I'm carrying this piece of 3/8's rock, and it's bending reallllly easy. So my long-winded question is:

    Can I bend and install sheetrock and have it be as durable and lasting as un-bent sheetrock?
    I've read a little about wetting the back of it before bending to make that side stretch with the bend easier, but I'm afraid of mold growing on it when it's wet. Is there a technique to wetting it?
    Any helpful info is greatly appreciated!!
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    No reason why you can't bend it and have it be sturdy once it dries. I wouldn't bend it much without wetting it as the plaster inside the sheeting will crack and that could compromise your strength.

    Wet it a little with a sponge. It should dry just fine without a mold problem, but I suppose if you were worried about that, you could throw some dessicant up there behind it (overkill I think). Just get some of that crystal kitty litter - that's what it is - plain ole dessicant.

    You might also check into using wiggleboard instead of sheetrock. May be a little pricey, but it's designed to easily bend - it's a plywood, like a thicker doorskin (luan), but it has a remarkable capacity to bend and twist. It's really cool stuff. Check it out: about wiggleboard
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    Ratch, how much of a bend are the corners? If they are moderate bends, take the 3/8" s.r. back and exchange it for 1/4" as they will bend even easier.

    I've done a few bends on walls and ceilings where it only took the 1/4" s.r. to get them to fit in and around the necessary bends. Just have to be careful and patient with it.

    I wouldn't water/wet it down too much as the s.r. can/will crumble when it wet too much. Won't hold its porosity. Too much water and it will just crumble and not hold its shape.
    A good way to get the s.r. "pre-bent" is to lay it on the floor/ground and raise one end up higher to give it a bow. Put some weight/pressure on the sheet in the middle and leave it alone for a day or so. If you need more bend, put more weight/pressure on the sheet after the next day or two. Don't want to just jump to the heaviest weight to bend it immediately. Do a little at a time to allow the sheet to bend gradually. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

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