Shifting to Overdrive

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by XHitman396, May 30, 2002.

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    my uncle just had his automatic transmission replaced in his 91 chevy 1500 and the mechanic told him NOT to shift into overdrive until he hit 50 and it will last longer, has anyone ever heard of this before? cuz currently im doin it and don't wanna be wasting my effort, haha. thx

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    There's been some discussion here on this topic, with varying opinions.

    I personally stay in D until around 45-50 and don't switch to OD unless I'll be travelling 55+ for extended periods of time. I was told by a very reputable tranny guy that the gear hunting that occurs at lower speeds in OD causes unnecessary heat build up which can lead to premature failure.

    Other may disagree, but my 700r4 is 7 years old and endures a lot of mountainous terrain and towing.
  3. from what i understand, only have the tranny fluid is being pumped through in overdrive. thats probably why it heats up so fast, i never take mine out of OD and i got 65k on this tranny no probs.

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