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    can i put the extended shock mounts on the front axle and not worry about the back axle for a while? Also i'm planning on putting on a 2in lift (new leafs in the front, and blocks in the back. should i buy shocks that fit the lift or the way it is now. i have a 71 chevy k5 blazer with a factory 2in lift on it ( i think)
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    If you have a lift, it's probably not factory, it could be really old though.

    Your best bet at this point is to just measure for the shocks. Usually for the shorter lifts, the shock mounts are far enough apart to get enough travel, so you may not have to fab a new mount at all. Get the new suspension on it, then let it go to full droop, and then twist it up, measuring between the mounts at all the different conditions. Then compare the numbers to available shock lengths and see what you can find.
    I know this is a little vague, but if you can use the factory mounts, there's nothing wrong with them.

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