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    While underneath my new 88 Jimmy, I noticed that there is a bracket attached to the frame where the top of a second shock would be mounted. I know that some of these trucks got dual shocks in the front. I didn't see a lower mount. Did all of the K5's in this year range come with the top bracket for a 2nd shock, but no lower one if the truck wasn't so equipped? What determines which trucks got single and dual shocks?

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    I believe taht the bottom of the second shock mounts on the same bolt as the first shock...just a longer bolt or whatever is used I dont think its what years i think it was just a factory option...I dont believe mine has the second bracket inplace but i have heard its nothign to get the equipment and mount it other thing I have also heard is that it stiffens the front end drastically and some people therefore prefer single over double

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  3. I have a 89 K5 that had factory quad shocks up front. When I put my lift in, I went with 2 shocks instead of the 4 up front. I think having 4 shocks up front will make it too stiff unless you use an extremely light duty shock for the other 2 up front. The bottom bolt is longer and has a spacer to keep the shock bottoms spaced apart.


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