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    i have a 1986 chevy K5 blazer with a 3 inch lift. the rear end seems to be sagging some not much but some. the shocks on there are old and probably need replacing. my qeustion will new shocks correct this or do i need to go with add a leafs? also will add a leafs work with blocks?will a 3 inch lift clear 35s?
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    ok you got a classic case of "saggy butt" yeah id say go with the replacing of hthe shocks, and yeah add-a-leaves will work with blocks...
    now bout the 35's you will need to go with a 4" lift at least, and even with the 4 inches you will have to do some major
    fender trimming. So if you want to keep the sawzall in the box and still run 35's, go with a 6" lift...

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    Well depending on what kind of driving you do a 4" kit can fit without trimming. If you are like me and do mostly mudding/nonflexing stuff you will be fine. I could fit 35s on mine with add-a-leaves front and rear. It was close but I could do it. Just do it and see is all I can say. Some trucks do ride higher than others.


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    The Zero Rate Add a Leaves will work in the rear with a block, so you could pick it up a little with them. Shocks won't add to the ride height, even a really high gas charge doesn't mess with height an appreciable amount.
    The clearance thing is really dependent on how you wheel, we have customers who don't clear 33's with a 4", and some guys run 35's no problems with a 4". If you use it hard off-road, you should look for a little more lift to help clear them, then plan on trimming some fender. Even a 6" may not clear 35's when used hard. They'll usually require some trimming also.
    Hope this helps

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