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    Have a question for all the experts out there..

    My sub came factory with the little wind deflector/spoiler over the tailgate. The previous owner apparently managed to 'remove' it on their garage door, but I have one now that I'd like to put back on..

    What I am missing are the little rubber isolator/bolt things to attach it with (and the more pressing concern is to actually fill the currently unfilled holes in my roof)

    I haven't seen these at the local parts stores.. Are these something I can order soemwhere, or some stupid expensive dealer only item?

    Anyone got a lead on where I can get these.. thanks!:D
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    I bought some at a lcoal hardware store. You know, the "good" ones that have been around 75 years and are as large as the chain stores, but actually know what they are talking about, and what they carry.

    Anyways, what you want are "well nuts". That's how I installed my spoiler. They have a black rubber body with a threaded brass (or brass colored) insert. As you tighten up the bolt, it pulls the bass of the plug up, which expands it. I believe GM used the same things for the spoiler mounts as they did for the door mirrors, but those things kind of suck...metal fingers that tend to rust or break off.

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