Skinning body panels... Glue?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BadDog, May 9, 2003.

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    Well, I should have tube for my front cap done tonight. So this week end, I need to get the hood cut down and mounted. I have an extra hood that I'll use with the front corners cut off (the nose is only as wide as the radiator now) and I'll take the stamped inner structure out to leave me with a skin that fits the new front.

    I'm currently undecided whether to just pin it on, or use modified hinges, I'm leaning strong to the hinges. Either way, I need to put some structure back. Current plan is to use some 1/2 x 0.062 wall square tube to build a perimeter frame with longitudinal rib matching the hood ridge, and maybe a couple of other lateral/longitudinal supports if needed. I had thought about spot welding it on around the edges (rosets actually) and maybe the center too. But I got to thinking, many moons ago, when I worked in/ran a body shop, I used a glue like stuff (same as factory) to bond the inner structure to skins when doing a re-skin. Don't remember who made it now, but I do remember it came in a caulking tube and cost something like $35+ a tube back then. Dries fairly pliable but hard at the same time, and doesn't expand/contract so you can even paint it.

    So, give me some input, especially from you body guys. What’s the best cheap way to do it (fix the skin to a new frame) with “modern” supplies (as opposed to what I used in the stone-age with sticks and rocks). I don’t need show room quality, just adequate… I may just get some silicon caulk and call it good.
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    The semi trailer plant my dad used to work at started using an industrial type metal glue to put their trailers together. My dad said that the glue held the trailers together better than the rivots and bolts they used to use, and he said that the glue would last a hell of a lot longer than the frame, and sheet metal would.

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