Slight rant, Free Chevy 350 opportunity lost!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by newyorkin, Feb 6, 2002.

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    I went out for some quick groceries last night at about 11:30. On the way home I happened to detour down junk yard row (what I call our local street of yards). Occasionally, people leave junkers with hidden diamonds in them along the road... Like last week, there was a '78 K10 left out totally stripped but still with a solid steering box and column, that I didn't get a chance to grab...

    Well, last night as I'm driving along, I see no vehicles out, but I'm driving along anyway. Lo and behold, there's a friggin '87+ Chevy 350 sitting on it's side, missing the flywheel, intake manifold and accessories. Of course, I have no way whatsoever to get it, and I've been searching for a '87+ block and heads to rebuild for months now.

    Essentially, I had to leave it there. I'm going to go back to check it out more and try to take off the heads tonight and see if it rotates, but I doubt it will still be there. Basically, I just want the heads right now, I don't care much for the block itself, I found a running '91 350 for my K5 already. But I'm still looking for a block to rebuild... If I could only transport this thing!

    But doesn't that just suck?? Exactly what I'm looking for and it's dangling right in front of me with no way to transport it...

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    aww man, I hear you on that one... there are few things that are as horrible as losing out on a part sitting out in the `free' territory, with no way to actually get your hands on it. I missed out on windows for my suburban that way twice... I saw the trucks sitting out front of the local pick a part, and by the time I could muster a couple of friends up to go pry them out at night, they'd been pulled inside the yard. oh well, I finaly accquired windows, at least, so I;m somewhat happy.


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