small pitting in spindle- how much is acceptible?

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    i have some small pits where the inner bearing rides. the bearing is shot and had little bits of metal in it. i'd like to avoid buying a new spindle. just want to do new seals and bearings. what do you guys think?
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    Jul 20, 2000
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    i would not worry about it unless the spindle is scored bad. A few pits wont hurt anything but heat scoring makes the metal brittle and the spindle could crack or break.
    Be sure to replace the races too. it does no good to put in new bearings without replacing the races.
  2. Twiz

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    How does the bearing fit? -Should be snug, but removeable.

    Possible "fixes"
    - Rotate the spindle 45 or 90 degs or so. The inner bearing seat will probavbly be worn on the top. The outer bearing seat will probably be worn on the under-side. This is due to the tire load on the spindal. Rotate the spindale 45 or 90 degs (from the drivers side, counter-clock-wise. Passanger side would be clock-wise.) This would give the bearing a "fresh-ish" seat.

    - Also, try dimpling the seats on the spindle with a punch. This will catch and hold the bearing races, and keep them from rotateing. (the bearing races rotateing on the spindle is -probably where the wear marks are comeing from) - Don't tell anyone I reccomended this -

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