Smartest Bankrobbers Ever!

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    Yeah, why don't we rob a bank?
    'Dumb & Dumber': Zany details emerge about heist in Vail

    By Karen Abbott, Rocky Mountain News
    October 26, 2005

    How Not to Rob a Bank, Lesson One: Do not rob the very bank where you keep your own money and where you have often shown up to do business.

    Lesson Two: Especially if you have distinctive Australian accents.

    Lesson Three: Also especially if you and your partner have distinctive physical traits - like one of you is pretty tall and the other is pretty short and you often go places together.

    Two FBI agents and a Vail police detective disclosed new details Tuesday about the two Australian men who pleaded guilty to robbing Vail's Weststar Bank in March, temporarily getting away with $90,000 but so bungling their escape that they were nicknamed "Dumb and Dumber."

    Though Luke Carroll, 19, the shorter one, and Anthony Prince, 20, the taller, covered their faces and pulled up their jacket hoods during the heist, tellers recognized them immediately and gave their names to police, Vail police Detective Ryan Millburn said.

    The robbers, who used BB pistols to hold up the bank, fled by hopping on a nearby ski lift, Millburn said.

    They snowboarded to a store to buy new clothes, then hired a car and driver to take them to Denver.

    But on the way, they stopped at a jewelry store, picked out more than $10,000 worth of merchandise, then began to pay - with $5 bills.

    The jewelry store clerk realized something strange was going on.

    "The young lady told these gentlemen that she'd be calling the police," Millburn said.

    The robbers ran.

    They stopped at another jewelry store and bought two items - a single loose diamond and a man's diamond-encrusted ring - together, worth about $10,000. This time, they didn't try to pay in small bills and their purchase succeeded.

    They went to Denver International Airport and tried to catch a plane to Mexico, but all that day's flights to Mexico had left.

    They tried to check in to a nearby motel, decided the rooms were too expensive, and went to another hotel.

    In the morning, they went back to DIA, where a police officer spotted them in a security line. Vail police had circulated their photos, which were taken weeks earlier when the pair was caught firing paintball guns at a house.

    When authorities asked to search their luggage, they found photos the men had taken of themselves in an airport bathroom holding wads of cash.

    The silly pictures made even veteran FBI agents smile.



    "I just thought it was funny, I guess, that they would actually do something like that," FBI Special Agent Craig Byrket said.

    But the case wasn't all funny.

    "They just abandoned the self-control that society depends on . . . they knew better and decided to have a go," said FBI Special Agent Kenneth Jackson of Glenwood Springs. "It's sad all the way around that they've ruined their lives doing this."

    Somewhere along the way, police said, Prince and Carroll also mailed bundles of cash to themselves at their home addresses in Australia, where authorities later recovered it from their parents. A third bundle was intercepted at a U.S. postal facility in California.

    Yet another wad of cash was stuffed into an airport trash can before the two joined the security line.

    "They had too much to carry," Millburn said.

    Prince and Carroll pleaded guilty in Colorado U.S. District Court. Carroll was sentenced to 60 months in federal prison, Prince to 54 months.
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    Sometimes I almost feel bad for people that stupid...
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    Well, they'll get plenty of time to regret it. Wonder how long they'll be put away since this was such an open-and-shut case?
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    Can you say "Stuck On Stupid" ??
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    Wonder if they have matching T-shirts with the arrow pointing and "I'm with stupid" printed on them? :haha:
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