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    May 29, 2001
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    wa vancouver
    I want to make a snorcl to keep the water out i just filled my carb full of mud and water so i had to spend my day off rebuilding my carb i would realy like aney help you all can give
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    Feb 17, 2000
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    Look for Thumper. He has made one on his rig and has some pictures on his site. Word is that a Snorkle off a Landcruiser either FJ60 or FJ 80 (not sure what one but one of those models) is a pretty well the closest thing you can get to a match for our trucks.
    We had been tossing around ideas a while back and one of the ideas was to route back into the blower intake box at the base of the windsheild and put a stack on like Hummers have. So far nobody has done one but I may be board soon so who knows.
    Now if you have the factory snorkle that picks air up from the grill you might want to do what I do. I pull it loose form the grill side and turn it behind the battery so it can't get a straight shot of crud through the grill or when stuff comes flying up between the inner fender and frame. Been in some rough stuff and it has solved the water and mud ingestion part. Still not as good as a snorkle sucking air from way up high.
    Now most people don't realize that these were more for dirt roads than to prevent water ingestion. ARB is a Aussie company and the largest manufacture of these. They are pretty well a desert country and had lots of issues of packing the air cleaners so full the truck would not run. They get them up high where the air is cleaner to slow down the speed at wich the air filter is packed full of dirt.

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