So close & looking for Bearing Hubs

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by IGOR, Jan 19, 2003.

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    Dang it!

    I was this close <-----> to swapping my 72 to 3/4 ton today.

    I sold the tires & 6-lug wheels off of it to a guy at work yesterday - prompting me to finally get off my a$$ and finish the 3/4 ton swap and rear discs. So yesterday after work - I went to Benz spring off Macadam - (my new favorite store!!) - and used the $$ to get 4 rotors, 4 calipers, and all new bearings, races, & seals.

    (You guys in the Portland area - Benz Spring has AWESOME prices on rotors, calipers, bearings, seals, etc... Cheapest place I found to buy wheel studs too - although they don't stock 32 at a time! Oh and they make U-bolts too - I got 4 stock rear u-bolts for $35)

    So this morning I went out to the garage to pull the two front tires (the rears are gone already) - got the passenger front off - went to the driver side front - RIGHT NEXT TO THE FURNACE!! I couldn't get the friggin tire out of the wheel well - it's too close to the furnace - and I can't pull the truck over in the garage with the floor jack, as there is no friggin rear axle and it's on jack stands!!! AHHH! Anyway - so I pulled the hub completely apart - which is really fun doing through the center of the wheel - to get the wheel out from the wheel well

    Then I realized - DUMBA$$ I forgot the friggin hubs for the front - not the locking hub - but the bearing hub - I neglected to get these - so - I spent all day looking on Columbia Blvd, Foster, Gresham, etc... to no avail - I did find a complete untouched Dana 44 out of a 79 for $325 at one wrecking yard

    So anyway - if anyone has any bearing hubs for a 73-75 3/4 ton Chevy or spindles and bearing hubs out of a newer GM I'm interested!

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