So I Got Invited to Two Parties

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bubba Ray Boudreaux, Sep 30, 2005.

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    The first one was a bachelor party, was being held at the local House of Hoes. Needless to say I declined the invite. When you have a car chase with shots fired ending the case that started in that place, it's not really worth the effort to attend. Besides, I had to work, so I had an easy way out.

    The next one was pretty cool. I was sitting in a local PD office with some of the SRT guys. They had some training scheduled and I showed up with the digital camera to get some pictures for the website and see if I was interested. So we had 2/3's of the shift, all two of us, both our SGTs, the undersheriff and the local PD officer in the office and the phone rings.

    The local guy gets off, "they need us at the jail NOW. All hell has broken loose.."

    So we hop in our rides and immediately get held up by a train. The darn thing is a good mile long, at least it was running about 70mph. One of my SGTs hops out in front of me, makes sense since he has a slick top. The train finally passes and we jump the crossing arms and hit the highway.

    We see the PD guy has gotten around the train. Within a mile, we blow his doors off. He's stuck in a 4wd Tahoe. My SGT and I, we're on the throttle hard. I was kind of surprised that I kept up with him like I did, must be all that NASCAR I watch and my drafting technique. Only drawback is that this is OK and there was a nice layer of dirt on the pavement. I'm surprised I didn't need a paint job afterwards, sounded like I was in a low level sandblasting cabinet the whole way. :D

    We get to the jail and get in and MOTHER OF GOD, the inmates are in rebellion. Staff pinpoints the ring leader, of course it's one of the ****heads that I was responsible for in his accomdations. We get him rounded up and put him in the special room. A couple of dirtbags are quickly rounded up and given their own special rooms for the evening.

    Hopefully they learned their lesson, HA!!!!!!!!!!! Our corrections staff doesn't request us unless it's serious. Maybe next time the inmates decide to rise up against authority, they will remember this day. If you've caused enough trouble to get us there and we come storming in, Tasers ready for action, you've just ****ed yourself pretty darn good............... :D
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    Let the beatings commence :ignore: :smirk: :haha: :haha: Sounds like my idea of a good time :waytogo:

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    that'll learn e'm.i hope they got a couple extra wacks for screwing up the party. :D why do peeps act up when there is no where to run?? :confused: LOSERS :laugh:
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    "Remember, if the police have to chase you, their bringing an ass kicking with them"

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