So I've been given a 6.2........

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by ntsqd, Mar 2, 2003.

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    So I\'ve been given a 6.2........ what ?

    I've yet to talk to the guy who gave it to me, but if it's the engine I think it is, it was supposedly acquired to be put in a Sub in place of an ailing 6.2 and that never happened.

    If I put it in, it will be a diesel conversion of a 3/4t SBC Suburban.
    How much more does it weigh compared to the SBC ? (Wondering how much the Pre-Runner springs are going to settle.)

    I've had one diesel in the past, but it was not a GM so I am unfamiliar with the fuel plumbing and general engine wiring of the 6.2 /forums/images/graemlins/1zhelp.gif

    Anyone know of a turbo kit just lying around looking for a home ? /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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    Re: So I\'ve been given a 6.2........

    I just did the sbc to 6.2 swap in my 81 Jimmy. The wiring is pretty simple, simpler than sbc wiring anyways and a lot is the same (starter and alternator)

    As for weight I believe I gained about 300 lbs over the front end between having to run 2 batteries and the extra weight of the motor. Overall the front end height of my truck dropped about 1/4" but I don't have soft 'pre-runner' springs.

    I find the power to be more than acceptable and falls within similar levels of my old 350 (except for top end power). Gearing and tire size play a role though. I run 4.56's and a 4 speed with 39.5's. I probably won't bother with a turbo...

    Getting double the fuel mileage is a pretty big bonus for me, plus it'll run at any angle it can maintain oil pressure. It kicks major butt in the rocks compared to my stalling and pulls most obstacles at idle.

    The fuel side of the conversion was fairly easy too. The mechanical lift pump on the 6.2 is in the same spot as the mechanical fuel pump on the 350 so the fuel supply and return lines are right where they need to be. I ran the supply line from the lift pump to a Racor water separator/filter, then to an AC spin on filter and then finally to the injector pump.

    We picked up a running parts truck with a 6.2 and robbed all the little parts to make the swap look completely factory (except for the Racor)


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