so this 2.5L engine is locked now, and its cold out and i dont feel good

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by R72K5, Jan 26, 2004.

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    yeah..... just now, over at stepdad's garage, i just got back from over there, yeah...
    the vehicle is a late 80s s-10 and well the guy who owns it drove it home locally from out of town about 40 miles on the freeway with the oil pump going out and oil light on and everything, so we go and pull it to garage but halfway there my stepdad says to start it it up and so i can drive it rest of way there, so we do that when we are almost uyp to the garage, it runs like total junk missing and sputtering all over the place and barely enough power to make it up hill up the street, and only would do it in second gear, so i park it back behind garage with other vehicles and this was about a week ago, now it is snowy and cold and horrible out, i go up to garage to see if anything is going on up there and stepdad was there and a friend too, he tells me to go and start up the s-10 and pull it up behind garage so we can get ready to pull it inside on the lift, so i go out to it and battery is flat out totally dead no dash lights no nothing, so i am like crap

    i think and decided to take battery from my caprice in which ive had parked behind the garage for about a weeek almost cuz im driving my half brothers cousin's grand am cuz i did a couple repairs to it and she wont be back til next weekend, i put battery from my capric ein the s-10 and go put tools back in garage and then go back out and fire it up and as i expected it runs like total junk missing all over the place cutting out sputtering, so forth,
    i back it up to back behind garage and let it sit there to warm up and go inside garage, stepdad gave me the leaf blower contraption to blow snow off it and out of it so it doesnt make such a mess in the garage metling, so i do that and go back insdie he is gone, so i stand by the wood furnace for a bit, as i was walking toawrds back door of garage i heard a little screeching noise for a second barely and then the truck shut off! i was like hummmmm.,... i go out to truck and smell burnt underhood when i opened it back up and so i was like i bet iots locked now, i tried to turn engine and its froze, so i turn off ignition and get the fudge out of there and now im here

    repair will now consist of replacement engine instead of just oil pump.

    he knew what was wrong with engine, it was not evne circulating enough oil to run the lifters, and i only followed his instructions with no argument, i wonder if the guy is going to go for having to have another engine put in or just give it up, we would be the ones doing the replacement i know,.

    its too cold for all this junk, my toes are frozen, i hate winter and snow and crap and my rotten teeth are killing me real bad at times on and off and my lungs im coughing up junk all night trying to sleep and am still jobless, i figured this would happen, and i dont feel good and so i dunno.

    i feel like blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and more blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    i dont care about anything much, havent in the last few days. ill feel good again once the snow and crap goes away and if teeth dont kill me some more :S cant wait to have the last thirteen of them removed ! only can if i get my job back at the plant soon hopefully, crossing fingers.. paperwork is in, just waiting now to hear anything,.

    hows your last few days been ?
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    Re: so this 2.5L engine is locked now, and its cold out and i dont feel goo

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