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    After an eternity of saving, I'm ready to buy a smittybuilt rollbar and a kayline softop for my 70 jimmy. Does anyone know if the smittybuilt bar has to be chopped to properly fit under the kayline top. A buddy of mine has a kayline top and a unknown rollbar for his 72, and the rollbar streches the top up, and makes it sag in the rear. I'm sure I could get the softtop first and then see how the smittybuilt sizes up, but I'd like to hear input from anyone especially those with the same combo. Thanks in advance,
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    Well Don't know about the Smitty bar but my roll cage fits tight to the hardtop but not touching. The Kayline (old style) top fits about the same but I don't use the front soft top bar cuz my cage serves the same perpose and holds the center of the top up! It doesn't 'streach' it at all.
    Kayline does a real good job of matching the soft top interior size to be very similar to the hard top so if your hard top fits over your bar then so will your soft top!
    Athough beware the soft top doesn't quite go as far back tward the tail gate as the hard top so if makeing a rear cage or bar it does have to be placed a few inches closer to the back of the rear seat from were the hard top measures up.
    Good luck

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