Soldier may have ended up with Saddam's car

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by cbbr, Aug 3, 2005.

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    I didn't know that you could buy and ship a car from a war zone, but here you go...

    DANBURY, Conn. (AP) -- First Sergeant William von Zehle thinks he has the mother of all Mercedes, Saddam Hussein's car.

    The Connecticut soldier bought the car for about five-thousand dollars when he was serving in Baghdad.

    The armored Mercedes even has flame throwers that shoot out the sides for crowd control.

    Von Zehle says he did some research on his pimped-up ride and found just three of armored 560 models were sold to the Iraqi government in 1988.

    He says that means only one thing -- Saddam. Von Zehle had the Mercedes shipped back home where it sits in his garage.

    He hasn't registered the car yet and says it needs some work. He says he has to replace a broken front passenger window.

    But the bulletproof glass costs more than 14-thousand dollars
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    That's cool... This isn't, though:

    (From the same website)

    Kids' lemonade stand shut down after competitor complains

    Salem, Massachusetts - A sausage vendor has given two Massachusetts boys a lesson in cutthroat business techniques.

    Police shut down the boys' lemonade stand in Salem after the sausage man complained that they didn't have a permit and were taking customers away from him.

    Lieutenant Scott Englehart says police had no choice but to enforce the rules. But he says it's "ridiculous that little kids can't sell lemonade."

    Jarrod Clowery is the sausage man. He says he regrets ever calling police because now all he gets are icy stares from people around town who heard about the story.

    Nine-year-old Dominic Serino says after he and 11-year-old Ryan Decker were thrown off the Common, they relocated to a spot near Serino's home. But their business dropped off.

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