Some encouraging info on a manual locker for a 14bFF.

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    Every now and then I'll send an email to some of the locker manufacturer's trying to find out if and when a manual selectable locker will be available for the 10.5" 14 bolt GM rear end. In the past I've been told that there were no plans to ever develop one for this rear end as it isn't widely used (yeah, whatever). Well I just got these two replies from ARB and Eaton:

    Hello Tim,

    That has been a very popular differential and we are currently working on an
    Air Locker for it. I don't have any estimate on when it will be available at
    this time, but keep checking I hope it won't be long now.

    Thank You,
    Jon Schalkle
    Midwest Regional Sales
    ARB USA, Inc.

    Hello there! How are you? Fine, I hope! We currently have the GM
    10.5" ELocker unit scheduled for design, development, and release in the
    2004 calendar year timeframe (subject to change).

    Please be advised that until we get into the detailed design of the unit (in
    2003), we will not be able to truly assess if the development of this unit
    is feasible. Our goal is to make this differential fitment available, but
    we can not commit to its targeted release at this time.

    We appreciate your input and feedback on the potential
    saleability/popularity of this unit, as well as, your confidence in our
    organization. Your communication will be shared with the appropriate

    We ask that you periodically visit our website @ for
    product release updates. Thanks for your interest in our performance
    differentials and have a very blessed day!

    Wayne Brantley
    Business Unit Manager
    Eaton PSCO/TCPD Aftermarket Team

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