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    Okay guys, just spent almost $170 buying most of the supplies, tools, and parts I need for the big maintenance fun-time-happy-happy-weekend. I can justify the bucks by saying most of it is Mobil 1 synthetic, except for the penetrating oil, they didn't have any Mobil 1, so I got Valvoline. I went nuts at Sears (I also swapped a broken Craftsman screwdriver for a new one, no questions asked) and AutoZone. I have a few new questions though, stuff that has popped up since I started researching and buying all this.

    The Mobil 1 synthetic gear oil only came in 75w90, is this a problem? The manual says 80w90 GL5 in the front diff and 80w90 in the rear diff.

    What does the GL5 mean for the front diff oil? Will the Mobil 1 synthetic cover this?

    Do I need an additive for the factory Gov-Loc posi in my rear? Have heard that you do, and that you don't. If I need it, I will buy it from the dealer, and will there be any problem mixing it with the Mobil 1 synthetic?

    How do you change the oil in the front diff? I was looking at it, and can't figure it out for the life of me.

    I think I located my oxygen sensor finally. Right at the end of the driver's side manifold. Was hiding from me. I do believe mine is a single wire. I could only see 1 wire coming out of it. Anyways, irregardless of 1 or 3, what is the difference between a Bosche o2 sensor, and say an AC Delco one? Cost doesn't matter to much here.

    That's about it that I can think of for now. Thanks for all the help guys.

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    To change the oil in the diff, you'll have to remove the diff cover bolts (if it's a 12 bolt, the 12 bolt covers), or at least the bottom ones. It can be pretty messy. If you remove the bottom ones, it will start to drip immeditately, so be prepared. Get a new cover gasket too.

    Good luck.

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