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    I can't believe this douche. I had friends that were going up trying to volunteer to look for this asshat:

    BOULDER - A man arrested for filing a false police report about a missing Marine pleaded guilty in 2004 to felony burglary - a crime in which the Marine also took part.

    Police, who spent five days searching for Lance Cpl. Lance Hering, said Thursday they believe his disappearance was staged so the 21-year-old Marine, who served in Iraq, could avoid returning to duty.
    Some Boulder County sheriff's deputies were skeptical and felt things "didn't add up" when Steve Powers reported Hering missing in Eldorado Canyon State Park on Aug. 30, said department spokesman Phil West
    It came to light Thursday that Powers and Hering, both of Boulder, pleaded guilty in 2004 to felony burglary and were given two years' probation.
    Powers, 20, was arrested late Wednesday for investigation of a misdemeanor charge of false reporting, and faces a maximum $750 fine and six months in jail.
    Authorities were still looking for Hering, who returned from Iraq in July and was due back at Camp Pendleton, Calif., this month. West said the new development had been reported to the Marine Corps and to Hering's parents.
    West said everything Powers has told authorities "is suspect" and is being checked out.
    Powers' initial story had authorities believing Hering fell and hit his head while on an evening hike. Police found blood, which Powers claimed to be Hering's.
    West said the blood is being tested by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to determine its origin.
    "It's human, we know that," West said.
    Powers has since admitted to investigators that he made up the story because his friend did not want to return to the Marines, according to the sheriff's officials.
    Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said it was impossible to calculate the cost of the search, but the helicopter alone could run upward of $10,000. Pelle also said both Powers and Hering would be liable for repaying the department if the disappearance turns out to be a scam.
    U.S. Marine Lt. Esteban Vickers, a spokesman at Camp Pendleton, said that until Hering's reporting date passes next week, he will not be in trouble. "Right now, we just want to be sure he's OK," Vickers said.
    Vickers said he was not aware of Hering's felony burglary plea, but said, if true, he shouldn't have been in the Marines in the first place. He said recruiters are supposed to check things like that out.
    Hering joined the Marines in 2005 and Vickers said he was only aware that Hering had one tour of duty in Iraq. The unit, he said, came back from a seven-month deployment in August. Vickers said Hering's unit wasn't scheduled to go back to Iraq "anytime soon."
    West said the department was making good progress on the Her-ing case, despite being given false information from Powers over the past week. Among other lies Powers allegedly told was that Hering was broke, but investigators learned Hering has about $2,000 and had talked about disappearing in the past.
    Lloyd Hering, Lance's father, was near tears outside his Boulder home Thursday morning.
    "I have nothing to say," he said. "I don't know what to say." Before the arrest, family and friends dismissed any suggestions that Hering would go AWOL.
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    Blanket party
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    double blanket party, just to be sure.

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