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    In Turkey, Mehmet Esirgen,52, tried to cure his sexual impotence by having a penis transplant --
    using a donkey as the donor. The wire service Agence France-Presse reported that three times Esirgen
    brought home a donkey, amputated its sexual organs and appealed in vain for a doctor to perform the
    operation. Apparently the third time so annoyed his family that his son shot him in the leg.

    Slovenia's state-run news agency reported on the death of 'passionate' fisherman Franc Filipic, 47,
    who drowned after hooking a huge lake sheatfish (like a catfish) and refusing
    to let go as he waded in and was pulled under. Friends reported his last words were 'NOW I've got
    him!' Divers found his body after a two-day search.

    The United Kingdom Central Council of Nursing, Midwifery and Health sent letters warning 640,000
    British nurses to stop using offensive abbreviations in their notes which go into patients' records.
    Examples include BUNDY (but unfortunately not dead yet), PIN (pain in the neck), and FLK (funny
    looking kid).

    The state of Illinois will discipline Dr. Bennet Braun, a prominent psychiatrist who they say took
    repressed-memory therapy too far. Braun convinced Pat Burgus, 42, (who already sued successfully
    for $10 million) that she possessed 300 personalities, served in a cult, and sexually abused her
    children (two of whom she was persuaded to hospitalize for three years). Also that she ate human
    flesh meatloaf made from 2,000 people a year, despite the fact that she lived in a tiny Iowa town.

    800 were left injured, 25 critically, at the annual Gotmar festival near Chhindwara in India. A
    traditional part is where residents from two nearby villages gather on opposite sides of a river to
    hurl rocks and abuses at each other, before feasting and rejoicing together later. Getting hit is
    considered a good omen. /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif

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