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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by Can Can, Dec 28, 2001.

  1. Can Can

    Can Can Pusher Man Staff Member Super Moderator

    Feb 17, 2000
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    Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
    I know there's alot of folks here who tow. Could you please read the following set of posts and tell me if I'm crazy for thinking this fellow is WAY out of line????!!!!!

    The only reason I've brought this to the main board is because I don't think a lot of you visit the diesel forum very often.......

    Here's the link : <a target="_blank" href=http://coloradok5.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=&amp;Board=deisel&amp;Number=295702&amp;page=0&amp;view=collapsed&amp;sb=5&amp;o=&amp;part=1#Post299516> click here </a>

    I hope anybody who is concerned about safety on the roads will help me out......

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  2. KRAZIE87K5

    KRAZIE87K5 1/2 ton status

    Feb 23, 2001
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    Chicago, IL
    Paul - I wouldn't sweat this guy too much. I have heard that he has lotza BS stories to tell... And I agree with your statements so far. There is no way he pulled that much weight - that and he had 1/2 ton axles then too!

    Let him be. He doesn't know any better. Just state that he is crazy, doesn't know what he is talking about, and tell the newbies that they should NEVER do the same. And I think you have done a pretty good job of that so far! [​IMG]

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  3. OFFRDK5

    OFFRDK5 1/2 ton status Premium Member

    Oct 2, 2000
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    Central IL
    Geesh....I finally made it to the big board!! You know I am nutz man....everyone does. Got a 100ft mud pit with yer name on it. Care to test yer luck?

    J**P...it's whats for dinner!
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  4. SKI-'84K5

    SKI-'84K5 1/2 ton status

    Oct 11, 2001
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    Imlay City, MI
    I think he's on to something Paul, personally I pulled over 40 cars at once w/ my 84 when the 6.2 was in it on snowy roads in MI, cleared 70 on the interstate but only about 50 on regular roads, had a 700 3.42's and 33"s all w/out a trailer, did I mention they were Hot wheels, LOL

    seriously though don't get me mixed up w/ this guy, names are really close
  5. Grim-Reaper

    Grim-Reaper 3/4 ton status Author

    Feb 17, 2000
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    Well you know it's sort of a fish story. It was this BIG you know... I get 20mpg (couse it sounded like he said he got 20mpg while moving that much weight). After reading it SK told a little of a story and some others jumped to conclusions. Figuring a HEAVY trailer able to handle 2 vehicles 3k, Jeep without drivtrain on the heavy side would be 2k each, probably less. So probaly was pulling like 7k. I can believe it moved that much on flat ground. I have personaly moved my 89 Supra. A much heavier than most people would ever think at 3400lb. I moved it on a very heavy duty 18ft trailer that was able to easlily move my 70 Suburban. The trailer is about 2k according to the guy I barrowed it from. So I have pulled 5400lb with my 75. It had 3.08 gears, 32's and a fairly tired 350 at the time and once I got it moving it did ok. In fact it did a LOT better than I thought it was going to. Now I only moved it a few miles and never exceeded 40mph and stopping with out have the trailer brakes was sure a lot of fun.
    I did however drag my mom POS Jetta home on a car dolly 170 miles with the 75. Probably 3k. I ran the speedlimit of 65-70mph without much problems untill I got on hills.
    I let my bud pull the Sub home since it was 25 miles and a bit more weight. I figure 5500lb for the burb, 2k for the trailer so 7500lb and he had no problem running it down the road at 70mph in his pre powerstroke F250 crew. He however was using a weight distributing hitch and had working trailer brakes.
    As for Safe moving that much weight with a K5..ehhhh short wheel base and big trailers is not the best combo but I can believe on flat ground it was doable. I have buds that ran a Powerstroke F350 crew with THREE very built jeeps on a trailer behind it from Atlanta to Moab and back. BigJBear can confirm that.
    Also you got to remember that pulling weight on a trailer is a lot different than the weight being in the truck. That weight is not being suported by the truck it's just having to pull it. It's a rolling load. Heck I know most of you at one time or another have had to push a vehicle. God knows I have pushed my K5 in and out of the garage a few times. That's 5500lb that I moved by myself
    The last thing to add is I am pretty sure that a 3/4 ton 350 equipped Sub or truck is rated 10k for trailers. Why wouldn't a K5 with the same engine and tranny be able to move it. Yeah them 10 bolts suck but the vehicle weighs less and has the same engine....
    The fish was {-------------------------------} big you know.

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  6. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer 1/2 ton status

    Feb 15, 2001
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    How much money you willin to put on this little mud drag.

    82 K5, 6.2L Diesel, sm465, np205, 14 bolt welded, 8 lug 10 bolt lock right, 410 gears, 35" Mud Kings
  7. Burbinator

    Burbinator 1/2 ton status

    Sep 14, 2001
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    Tempe, Arizona
    I think the point is being missed here...

    Paul's concern was not so much that he did or did not tow the load he states with the results he claims, but more the integrity of the information a brand spanking new newbie was getting about his original post. I agree with Paul on this guys, we do have a rep for quality info and especially agree with the safety of all on the highways. We've all seen it and speed up to get by them, breathing a sigh of relief and hoping DPS will tag them shortly...

    OK...I've thrown in my two copper Lincolns...back to trucks.

    The learning curve is a toll road...ride with someone who has already paid!
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  8. tRustyK5

    tRustyK5 Big meanie Staff Member Super Moderator GMOTM Winner Author

    Jul 23, 2000
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    E-town baby!
    I'm with Paul and Alan on this one...info that can lead a newbie to disaster on the roads should not be posted. It's stupid and irresponsible.


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  9. DUKE

    DUKE 1/2 ton status

    Nov 14, 2001
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    Davenport Iowa
    No i think it is a good idea. I think we should have a forum just for this subject. Me and my buds like get our trucks and go to truck stops late at night hook our tow staps up to em and drag race em. Most of the time we can make it a few miles before the cops get us. Ahh good times

    Why go around when you can go over?
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