someone stole hay outa my barn!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by broncoman6524, Apr 26, 2007.

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    ok so down here we have a "shortage" of hay due to the lakc of rain. my mom has been buying a **** load of hay.

    the barn had 2 stalls right next to each other. one is full of hay and the other is for hte horse. the stall with the hay has a gate on the front and a 4x6 on the back to keep the horse out.

    soem one of our dumbass neighbors stole a bale of hay, some nutients stuff, and a bottle of propell:confused:

    im kinda pissed off! the thing is not only that they came down the 2acres of field to get to it, BUT that they stole the hay, but taht my dad and I's shop is like 20foot from the barn...theres a lot more money in there than in the barn...than in the shop. guess i gotta lock it up now. lol

    rant off.
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    That sucks I don't understand people. But if they carried a bale of hay across 2 acres, they must have needed it pretty bad.:rolleyes:

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