Sometimes I Hate Computers

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bubba Ray Boudreaux, Jan 15, 2007.

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    So I head into the office this evening. I ended up go on two hours later than scheduled due to some :cough:antics:cough: I engaged in during the wee hours of Sunday morning, racking up a grand total of 17 hours. I had this monster of a report to do due to my :cough:antics:cough:. After getting the prep work done and getting the fingers loosened and warmed up, I begin the task. We have a state reporting program that we use and it's pretty nice, but sometimes I wonder if the programmers of the program actually knew what the hell they were doing. A lot of times on my arrests resulting from a traffic stop, I have to manually enter the statute I used for the initial stop because it's either not in the database, or the search can't pull it up.

    I get through the preliminary stuff on the report pretty easily, that took me about 30 minutes, then I begin the novel of the narrative. This wasn't the run of the mill "no driver's license" arrest report where it consists of two paragraphs. Those are something along the lines of "stopped vehicle for gross violation of stop sign, driver had no license, arrested same, towed car." This report had the makings for being one of my all time bestest ever.

    I'm beyond methodical in my approach to the words, details, placement of sentences, this was going to be the masterpiece. About two hours into my ordeal, hands cramping like mofos, my narrative was finished. I run the spell check, get everything taken care of; it's now time to load the pictures of what I got into and attach them to the report. I wasn't paying attention and ended up going to the wrong folder, which is no big deal since I could just go back and hit up the right folder.

    I sit there for a few minutes, watching that hourglass intently. I figured that maybe the picture I had clicked to load was one of those 25550000 MB pic files. I wait for a few more minutes. Nothing. No biggie though, I was under the impression that after I completed each section of the report, the program would automatically save the report.


    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I had closed out the program through the task manager, opened back up and tried to pull up the report by every method I knew how. Nothing.

    My two and some odd hour report just doubled. At least I had most of the narrative down in my brain. Even though the final edition came out a few words shorter and with different wording, I was able to breeze through it in about an hour's time.

    I'm just glad the call volume dropped significantly from Saturday night's trainwreck of a night.
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    I have mine set up to save every 5 minutes because of that. That's in Word though. Very little is as frustrating.
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    its ok bubba.

    computers dont like you much either.


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