Sometimes I realy want to go on a shooting spree.

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    Mar 4, 2001
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    Life is good life is on track just paid off a bunch of bills and got some new toys.
    Just bought the lift yesterday.
    Today we get an eviction notice.
    The owner of the house just stopped in from Ga to look at the place as she was thinking of selling it.
    No sweat we talked to her about buying it.
    That was going well and we were talkin about all the things that we would do whenwe got it.
    BAM we just got an eviction notice 30 days .
    She wants her house back.
    I knew that the 30 day lease was a screwy deal but I figured it would be no problem.
    **** this sh!t she will have to take me to court to get me out of here.
    I will put the rent into an escrow acount and she can lick my sack.
    I will leave when I have another place to go.
    I just got through being homeless living with my parents, I WILL not do that again.
    If in 30 days I have not found a place that is on my terms then I will make her take me to court to get me out.
    **** I just dropped $1800 to get into this place.
    And of course now the tax return money is spent.
    **** **** **** ****.
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    I hear you bro. With me starting school, I figured with my VA money, I'd be able to pay off some bills and get some much needed work done to the K5. Of course the owner of the house has other ideas and the house went up on the market the other and my school money is going to be going for another place, unless we get lucky and the in-laws move, then we get their house (smaller garage though).
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    **** that sucks ron /forums/images/icons/frown.gif anything i can do let me know

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