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    im having a cage put in my 74 this month. i was thinking of attaching the front hoop to the floor, but i looked underneath and it looks like theres a hollow section under the floor. this concerns me cause i wplanned on bolting some plates to the underside of the cage mounts(the plates the tubing is welded to. BUT, the sloped portion of the floorpan(where the hii beam switch is) appears to be safe of obstructions, so my question is what would be stronger? id like to be able to use my p- brake still too. does anyone have close ups of their cages?
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    Well Idealy the best place if your not making frame extensions would be to the flat section of the floor just before it slops up.That is dirrectly over the cab suport. The problem here is "is your cab suport any good in the first place". GM didn't even bother to paint inside those boxes and they are very prone to haveing structural rust. You really need to put a gusset plate where the cage bolts to the floor. You could drill a couple of 3/4 inch holes through the belly pan and that would alow you access behind the cab suport for some bolts. there is a gap into the box where it meets the floor of the bed area where you could drop in a plate and then fish it foward but it would be a pain. At the front of the box ther is an oval opening that would let you put a couple of bolts there. Just have to make the foot for the cage long enough to allow you to bolt through that area.
    If you want to see how bad the rust can be in those boxes click the link to my page and see what they looked like on my 75.

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