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Discussion in 'Audio' started by Triaged, Sep 12, 2002.

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    I have started doing some sound deadning on my gay little s-10 (the blazer is beyond hope sound wise!).

    I didn't really want to spend the $$$ that Dynamat costs so I choose a different ruite.

    A few months back I saw a article on some sound deadning paint in Four Wheeler. It was called Noise Killer. It is a rubbery latex (water cleanup) paint. I bought some and tried it out.

    I also had heard that a roofing material called Peel & Seal worked good at deadning sound so I had some ordered in by Lowe's. That is a bit much but you should have enough to go in w/ a friend on it.

    The Noise Killer was $50 (with shipping) for a gal. and the Peel & Seal was $120 for 100 sq. ft.

    I started on the back wall of my '87 ext. cab because it came bare from the factory and my turned down after the muffler exhaust makes it deathly loud inside. I also had no headliner in it because I pulled it out when it started to sag.

    I applied the Noise Killer w/ a foam brush in 4 thin coats to both the roof (not easy because of all the drips) and the back wall. I then layed down a layer of the Peel & Seal.

    The difference is night and day! After I removed the factory "tar paper" patches from the roof it would ring after I shut the door. When I put the paint on it was a bit better then factory. After I put the Peel & Seal over that it was as much if not more of a difference then with the paint vs. bare roof! I finished the roof off by spray mounting some 1/2" insulation to the roof and then put in a plastic headliner I got from JCWhitney. With the difference it made just doing the back wall and roof I can't wait to do the doors, floor, and firewall.

    I still have 1/2 gal. of paint left and about 80 sq. ft. of the roofing material (it came in a 33' roll 36" wide). I am going to use the rest of the paint to do the floor and firewall as well as some more of the Peel & Seal. For the doors I am going to use just the Peel & Seal as sound deadning/draft barrier. I am also thinking of doing the under side of the hood w/ the Peel & Seal.

    If you have any questions just email me...I don't come to this board much anymore.

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