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    I was wobdering if anyone knows the part no. for a 19 tooth drive speedo gear, i have the 45 driven but my parts stores said not available, starting to get frustrated as i was tolf there is , any help would be greatly appreciated, it is for a 87 chev 4x4 with a 208 t-case

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    Have you talked to your GM dealer? They or a transmission shop are probably your best bets.

    I've got an '85/86 parts manual, but from looking at the speedo gear section, it's not broken down into 2wd/4wd applications, which complicates things.

    Good thing about large tranny shops (see if your local GM dealers send their jobs to a large local tranny shop) is that they will likely have a new one in stock, can get one quickly, or will have a used one on hand, so you can compare it with yours. The 208 stuff I have seen doesn't look like the ones from a Th400 or Th350.

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