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    Well, after all my posts awhile back about my saggy K5 springs, and assumed bent frame, I've pretty much decided that the problem is actually one front spring being an overachiever...one front corner rides high, all the others a bit lower, giving it the illusion that the rear end is really the problem, that something is bent, which explains why one side in the rear lower than the other side. Makes sense, drivers front is highest, drivers rear is lowest, makes it look like the driver rear of the truck is bent down.

    Anyways, instead of paying someone $500 per axle (all work, spring bending, add-a-leafs u-bolts included) I figure I'll do it myself. Before when I thought perhaps I had some frame issues, I had decided that instead of fixing the real problem, I'd use specifically arched springs to compensate.

    Now I don't have to. But since the front springs aren't matched, and the rears are saggy, I will need to come up with some springs.

    I'm asking for others experiences. I'm not lifting it, and I don't wheel often, (and when I do its slow and mild) so travel and more height aren't things I'd be interested in. I sometimes end up throwing motors in the back, so stiff springs work good for me. As well, I have no problem with spring wrap, or cornering..no cracks about the motor : )

    Any particular company that has been really good about claimed install height matching actual installed height? Some company moderately well known, so that I can order through my local shop would be nice as well.

    The application is an '86 K5 with 3leaf front/6 rear, if anyone has a catalog they want to look in. But I don't expect anyone to provide me with part numbers, that would just be nice. Experiences good or bad with spring makers would be nice as well. Thanks!

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    Hey dorian I know that lmc caries stock replacement springs for the front and the rears but I don't know the makers and the part #'s are rear 34-2989 but lmc says that they are only 5 leaf the 6 leaf are listed for 76-80 and I dont see why they won't work the # is 34-2988 and the front spring #'s are 34-2976 for the 3 leaf and they are 129.95 for the front and 119.95 for the rears (both) each hope this helps

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