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Discussion in 'Blazin Trails' started by Bigmeats, Dec 24, 2000.

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    I have sent some individual e-mails but thought i might just put it in a post as well. My idea is to get everyone within a general area to meet and ride down to Mark Twain together. It would just be a great site to see 5 or 6 (or more i hope) k5's driving together.It will be our own little convoy.....Thatsa big 10-4 goodbuddy......wait, flash backs to BJ and the Bear.....AHHHHH, i think i need a beer. Well just a thought. we have some time to get this organized. It would also be nice to get a list together of things that will be brought like tools and things like that so every truck wont be loaded down with the same as the next. We could make everyone responsible for bringing something and end up with all we will ever need.
    Hust some thoughts Ive been having. Can't wait to get there.


    Carl...75 Blazer...Manhattan IL

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