spring pad spacing on 4x4 73-up are 42.5" !!!!!!!

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    spring pad spacing on 4x4 73-up are 42.5\" !!!!!!!

    hell yeah!!!
    i assumed that it was 40" like on all the 72 and older 4x4 and 1 tons, but hell, its 42.5" on the 79 K10 !!
    i can put my 74 14 bolt FF under it and have front dana44 gears swapped to match !!!

    i dont know what ratio it is, but probably is 4.10 in the FF
    i also have a dana60 FF 4.56 locker thats 42.5 spacing !

    now to find out what ratio is in the 14 FF and find a d44 set of gears for which ever ratio/axle i decide on(probably the 14 bolt) and find someoen to swap gears for me.,.


    anyone got anything i should know, at all ?
    like if a 3.07 dana44 carrier will accept 4.10 or 4.56 gears ? and anyoen who has a good set of either ratio for dana44 ?


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