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    Stephen, I bought Tuff Country SX8000 shocks from ORD when I bought the 4" shackle flip. I'm adding 2" more lift to the rear and am wondering whether the shocks will likely work. I will cycle the suspension when completed to find out for sure.

    Are the shocks for a 6" lift actually different from the shocks for a 4" lift? I wasn't sure whether they were designed so a certain shock would be able to have enough travel to work for a couple different lift heights.

    1969 C20 4x4
    4" lift, 35x12.50x16 Super Swamper SSR's
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    TCI spec's the shocks to work with a 4 or a 6 but I suspect you'll come up a little short with a 6". They work really well with the 4 but are a bit short for going taller. They do have enough travel, so what you might be able to do is move the shock mount up on the rear axle and still be able to use the same shock, while gaining a little less hang-down. On the front, measure it up and see what you get, you'll probably want a longer travel shock.

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