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    Mar 14, 2003
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    Well i was thinking of buying new springs for my 77 k10 so i look under there to see whats already there
    Here goes Front-3 leaves kind of flat a little negative arch and then the Rear-theres about 12 leaves back there and the truck sits level!I swear it looks like two packs of springs.I think 1 pack is 7 and the one on top of that is 5.I dont think this can be good it is a bonanza model if that makes any difference.Ill try to take a picture so you can see this.My question is can this be right or did someone rig up this many leaves for added carrying capacity?Dont think it could have came this way from factory?What do i replace these with or should i leave it that way and just install new bushings?Truck has a small block mainly used as dailydriver with some towing and want to do some plowing eventually?
    Thanx /forums/images/graemlins/truck.gif
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    front springs are negative arched from the factory.. mine sit about 1.5" from the bumpstop on level flat ground lol..
    the multi-pack rear spring setup you have sounds like maybe an option for a towpackage or camper package...but either way, if you're gonna buy new springs, lift springs, they will not have 12 leafs in the pack for the rear..5, maybe 6 i think..

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