Springer shackles up front?

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    Would it be possible to run Springer shackles (or Revolvers) up front if you had a crossover setup along with hydroassist steering? Not that I'm considering doing this, but just curious why no one has done this. I'm sure there are safety issuses but the only one I can come up with is if the hydroassist failed, then the axle would tend to shift from side to side when trying to steer. What are the other reasons this won't work?
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    I would think an issue would arise concerning front driveshaft angles. Since our trucks have the shackles at the rear of the front springs, a hinged shackle would allow the rear of the diff to rotate down. Jeeps on the other hand commonly use hinged shackles because they have front mounted shackles and really don't have to worry about this. I don't have any personal experience and am not sure if you would run into driveshaft angle problems, but you would definitely have to consider it.

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