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    I have an 83 with a rebuilt 81 vette 350. It has an rv cam, vette intake and carb,and the distributor is from an 80 K5 350. It was rebuilt a year ago and has run good. Last week it started sputtering on uphill acceleration. Now today I discovered more. If you floor it from a stop it will go good until it shifts to second then it cuts out and almost stalls. The fuel pump was replaced with a gm unit a couple months ago. Could it go bad already or is it the carb or distributor screwing up. The tranny seems to be shifting weird also. I don't know if it could be vaccuum related or just the tranny going. I have been getting vibration between 30-45mph so the clutches may be slipping like in the previous post by Panther. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.This is my wife's only way to get around so I need to figure this out asap. Thanks!
    UPDATE- It is really hesitating when running cold.
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    I had some similar probs with my Jimmy. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out what was wrong. Under load it would just crap right out, and once in a while it would even backfire. I finally got rid of my Accel wires and replaced them with Aurora 8.5mm spiral core wires and problem solved. Even when they were new the Accell wires did not perform well, I had no idea how crappy a product they were until I replaced them. Before I replaced the wires I had gone through the whole distributor, Carb, timing, checked all the vacuum lines, new plugs and still had this problem. Changing the wires made all the difference.



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