Squirrel fires regular occurrence in Canadian border town

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    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    Squirrel fires regular occurrence in Canadian border town

    The Associated Press

    OSOYOOS, British Columbia — Once again, a squirrel clambering onto a power line has been blamed for a brush fire in this border town north of Oroville, Wash.

    Firefighters were summoned Monday after a squirrel scrambled up a Fortis Inc. utility pole, got zapped and landed in flames on some dry brush outside a fruit packing business, Fire Chief Ross Driver said.

    By the time a pumper truck and a bush truck arrived, nearby residents had doused the flames.

    "This identical incident has happened on the same pole one or two times a year for the past several years," Driver said.

    Each time, firefighters find a dead, burned squirrel at the base of the utility pole, he said.

    Driver said he didn't know what Fortis could do to prevent future squirrel-caused fires.

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    E-town baby!
    LOL, that is in Osoyoos. It's so damn hot there the squirrels prolly just burst into flame spontaneously. Pretty funny though!

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    My dad worked for the local power company and that happened alot. Not the fires but varmits getting fried. Snakes were the most common because they'd crawl into substations looking for warmth, but squirrels, opposums, raccoons and large birds were not uncommon. He had a bunch of pictures of all the fried critters somewhere but I think they got lost.
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    Happens all the time...

    I saw that happen once --I was mowing an elderly friend's lawn one hot summer day,and the guy brought me a cold glass of ice tea to drink while I took a breather...we were sitting on the steps of his front porch,and suddenly we heard a loud "BOOM" followed by a cracking "ZAPP" sound!--we thought maybe it was lightning,or a transformer shorting out--but there was hardly a cloud in the sky!--then while looking in the direction the sound came from,we saw a flaming object drop to the ground!-

    It was the remains of a squirrel that evedently touched the 20,000 volt power line at the top of the pole where those blue glass insulator things are!--I'd seen the squirrel earlier scampering around the guys yard,and across the wires on the telephone polls...it looked like a peice of popped popcorn!--all charcoal black,and its eyes were hanging out of the sockets!- :eek1: -barely recognizeable as a squirrell!...We felt bad for the poor critter,but we also could not help busting out in laughter at the same time--it was like something you'd see in a cartoon!--when the electric company guys came to re-set the curcuit breaker up on the pole the transformer was on,the guy said the insulation was either worn off or chewed off,and most likely the squirrell bit into the copper and that was his last meal!

    My dad worked for the local gas and electric company(he was in the gas division)--his best friend was electrocuted in an electrical fire at the elementry school I attended--he'd forgotten his hard hat,and grabbed a baseball cap from an onlooker,and went down into the basement where the elecrtical service was--(the school had its own "sub station" in a big fenced in area with huge transformers and those big ceramic insulators)...

    He had the misfortune of being right under a 13,000 volt power wire that had rubbed thru its insulation,and it was grounding out on pipes it fell on..just as he walked under it,it fell and touched his hat,right where the "beanie" button is in the center--that "button" had a metal cup under the cloth,and it sent the current right thru his body to ground!...he was not killed,but the poor guy had to endure months of sugurey,and he had severe kidney and liver damage,his lungs were scorched,and he was not able to walk for over a year..

    He spent 3 weeks in a coma when it first happenned..he retired on disabilty,and could not do a lot of the things he wanted in lifre,but he made the best of it..he had houses in NH and FL,and did OK despite his injuries..sadly,he died a few years before my dad did,he had developed diabetes..that hit my dad hard,he lost his older brother to diabetes too...

    I learned at a young age not to play with electricity--when I inserted a paper clip into an outlet!! :eek1: :eek1: --after seeing what happnned to my dads friend,I was very careful around power wires...I never knew you could get electrocuted from a downed power wire even if you are up to 30 ft or more away!....I know now,and I keep the hell away from them if I see one!--I saw several down across a street during a blizzard,and I was scard sh****** to just drive by them,not knowing if one was under the snow! :eek1: .... :crazy:
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    lmao spontaneous combustion squirrels
    hell yeah! :haha:
    here its the coons that burn up on power lines poles, i have no idea why they want to climb a pole but they do sometimes,

    squirrels.. they are just plain nutty, for real, at least the red ones here anyways

    some are so stupid and have gotten themselves into such crazy predicament that i sometimes see one thats missing its freaking tail, cept for a stub of one, one out here on the property is liek that, its been around for a couple or so years now, he like lives here, wonder how he managed to lose his tail

    they get into everything, too damned curious and overall just stupid,

    but i know several ppl the SAME way though! for real!

    i cant name names though..

    good luck with your squirrels heh

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