Srappage bill(S. 1766)

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    Hey everybody, i got this email from another forum , and thought y'all might want to see it, Especially since a large number of us drive trucks older than 15 years, not to mention all the cars we all own. Oh and sorry if this should be in a different forum, but everybody is in here!!

    This e-mail is being sent to all users of the AACA discussion forums. A
    bill (S. 1776) has been introduced into the US Senate that would fund
    vehicle scrappage programs nationwide. This is NOT a hoax. This issue
    is being followed closely by the AACA Board of Directors and the Vice
    President of Legislation.

    The text below has been copied from a SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing
    Association) Action Alert. Please read this closely, and discuss it with
    your club at its next meeting. It is important that you and your fellow
    collectors take action to notify your legislators that this type of
    legislation is not well thought-out, and is detrimental to the collector
    car hobby.



    U.S. Senate Bill Would Fund Scrappage Programs Nationwide

    A bill (S. 1766) has been introduced in the U.S. Senate containing a
    provision (Section 803) that would federally fund state scrappage
    programs for vehicles over 15 years old. Owners who turn in vehicles for
    crushing would receive a “minimal” payment and a future credit toward
    purchasing a newer vehicle, all in a misguided attempt to improve the
    overall fuel economy of the country’s vehicle fleet. This bill
    represents the most formidable Federal legislative threat to the vehicle
    hobby in many years.

    Oppose the Use of U.S. Taxpayer Dollars for Scrappage

    · Section 803 of S. 1766 would give states that don’t currently operate
    scrappage programs an extra incentive to create a program due to generous
    federal funding.

    · Section 803 of S. 1766 requires that federally funded state scrappage
    programs crush every car. It threatens enthusiasts nationwide with the
    loss of valuable parts and parts-cars for repair, restoration, and
    customization projects.

    · Section 803 of S. 1766 does not require states to determine the fuel
    efficiency of vehicles being scrapped or that scrapped vehicles are being
    replaced by more fuel-efficient vehicles.

    · Section 803 of S. 1766 ignores the fact that cars turned in for
    scrappage often barely run or are rarely driven second or third vehicles
    that have a minimal impact on overall fuel economy.

    · Section 803 of S. 1766 will diminish the availability of affordable
    transportation and repair parts to low-income drivers as more and more
    older cars are crushed.

    · Section 803 of S. 1766 does not guarantee that low-income individuals
    will be able to afford to purchase new vehicles – let alone more fuel
    efficient vehicles – with the money provided by scrappage programs.

    · Section 803 of S. 1766 ignores more socially responsible and cost-
    effective policy options like voluntary vehicle repair and upgrade
    programs that maximize the fuel efficiency of existing vehicles.

    Contact Your U.S. Senators to Oppose Section 803 of S. 1766

    Protect American vehicle enthusiasts and low-income drivers. To find out
    who your U.S. Senators are, call the SEMA Washington, D.C. office at 202-
    783-6007 or access this information via the Internet at For assistance
    in turning this alert into a letter to your Senator, consult the SEMA
    document "How to Lobby Elected Officials." This guide is available at

    Please fax a copy of your letters to us at 202/783-6024 or mail to:

    SEMA Washington Office
    1317 F St., NW, Ste. 500
    Washington, D.C. 20004

    Attn: Brian Caudill/ Steve McDonald



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    It's not my habit to send out notices to people who use the forum. This
    is the first I've sent in 2.5 years of being online. However, I felt
    this issue was important enough to notify the DF membership.


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    I think this is more of the same.....


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    Sent my state reps and senators messages about this a couple of weeks ago. Our local club posted messages about this..........

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