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    i have an 85 jimmy with a 6.2 and i replaced the starter i had a new wiring harness i had to put on the wire that connects to the large post along with the power wire. but unfourtunately the wiring harness fell of an i didn,t have any more so i just put the wire on the bolt and fastened the nut and it started right up. but i was driving down the street and all of the sudden my low coolant and seat belt lights were going on and off along with my cd player and then it died and i couldn't get power to the windows or my dash not the guages or lights the warning lights any thaughts would help thanks.
  2. Sounds like you got some loose wires somewhere else like at the fuse box! OR you could have gotten a wiring harness that was infested with GREMLINS[​IMG]

    Damn I need to learn how to use my welder!![​IMG]
    (90 Jimmy 350 TBI, 14 FF/10 bolt, 4.56, tires ??

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