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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by ymatt, Dec 22, 2001.

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    I'm having trouble getting my starter to line up properly with the flywheel. Can anyone offer any suggestions, at least for a temporary fix? This is driving me nuts!

    I've replaced the starter drive (which was badly worn). The flywheel doesn't look too bad, although there is some wear.

    After searching the CK5 archives, I tried shimming the outer mount with some washers to get the correct 1/8" gap between the armature shaft & flywheel. It worked great for the first few starts, and then began grinding again - the starter had moved. I used increasing numbers of washers, to no avail - it still got kicked out of position, and also the washers moved the starter forward too much, so the pinion was only making contact with the edge of the flywheel (am I making sense so far?).

    The previous owner had bolted the starter up with the thread at the back pushing against the underside of the engine bracket (rather than going through the hole in the bracket) - so the starter was at an angle and not positioned level against the engine block. The stabilizer bracket is not currently bolted to the starter because the thread snapped off.

    So can I just torque the starter bolts tighter and hope for the best, or do I need a new flywheel? I read here somewhere that it is possible to change the flywheel without moving the transmission (good job; I don't wanna drop that lot again! [​IMG]) - do you need a special wrench for this, or will a socket fit up there between the torque converter?

    Thanks a lot.

    P.S. A Very Merry Christmas to y'all! Start compiling those 'K5 in the snow' pics! [​IMG]
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    If your starter messed up the ring gear on the flywheel changing the starter isn't going to solve your problem. Since the two gears have to work together when you start the engine both gears should be changed. I know a lot of people just change the starter but I'd change both. Also, if someone has figured out a way to remove the flywheel without unbolting the transmission from the engine it's a slick trick. I've got this thing about torquing flywheel bolts and I'm not sure how anyone would get a torque wrench in there without moving the transmission back a little. Not saying it can't be done, just that I've never seen it......Hope you get it fixed without too much trouble, that high pitched grind makes my skin crawl!!!


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