Starts sometimes then dosen't want to?

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by surg82k5, Sep 26, 2001.

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    Starts sometimes then dosen\'t want to?

    Ok here is the deal I have an '82 chevy blazer, with a 6.2L in it. I just got done changing the starter about a week ago because it was acting as if it(the starter) had a short. It would start just fine sometimes and then just out of the blue it would barely turn over the engine at all. i know that my alt and batteries are working just fine. i have cleaned the connections, and all is good. so after having this new starter in for about a week today it did the same thing. started just fine, and the next attempt to start it sounded like dead batteries. i would crank it for about 5-10 sec. then sit there and cuss a little, then on the next try it fired right up and everything was back to normal, what is up with this problem. What is it, and what do I need to start checking first. anyone had this problem before? Thanks for the help.

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