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    Hey just figured I'd drop a thought for everyone: Check and torque your steering box bolts!!! I had the front top one fall out last week! Then I checked the rest of the bolts, and each one took a full turn and a half to torque down decently.

    I was wondering why it felt like one day all of a sudden it took over 1/2 turn to make the wheels react, but just figured I'd run the pump too low and wore out the box real fast, so I went and got another box. I only drive it a couple miles a day, and it's usually dark when I am, so I didn't spend a lot of diagnosis time...
    I had to drive to New York today, so thursday night, I finally started looking into prepping for a swap. When I stuck my head under the truck, my jaw hit the floor! The top front mounting bolt was hanging out of the ORD brace by almost half it's length! A little more time and vibration and that puppy would be long gone...

    I tried to bolt it back in, but after trying and trying with no success, I pulled out the bolt and looked at it. Apparently, it gradually came loose, and when it got to about 2 or 3 threads, sheared them out of the box, making it near impossible to re-use that bolt and make significant thread grip. I went out and bought a threaded rod (unfortunately the only compatible fastener), screwed that in way beyond the end of the mounting tap in the cast box (eventualy, I'll grind down a nut and put it on there).

    So check your steering box mounting bolts! Yes, I have the ORD brace and ORD bolts!

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    Jan 12, 2001
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    use Lok-Tite on all those bolts, too!!! [​IMG]

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    I hear ya!! Mine are perpetually loose - One of these days I'll remember to Loctite them, but until that day comes, I retorque mine about every 6 weeks.

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