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    I think steering box is the accepted terminology. Anyway, while crawling under my truck last night, I noticed a good amount of fluid leaking out from where the steering column enters the steering box. My question is what would cause this to start leaking, and how do I fix it? I could look through one of my manuals, but a lot of you have some tricks that the books don't explain.

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    Very common place for leakage, you need to replace the seal or rebuild the box, or just exchange it for a rebuilt, around $160 with core.

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  2. Thanks, I think I'll just replace the seal, as I'm pretty sure the box is in good shape. I certainly hope it isn't a major pain in the a$$.

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    Seal is about $2 from Auto Zone. Take the box off the truck. Remove the C-Clip that retains the seal. Drill two holes into the seal as big as you can without kicking the shaft of the housing. Do this on a bench with the box on it's side so the shavings fall away and not into the box. Take a Awl and pry it out. Hold the box with the input down and flush with some brake cleaner and make sure no shavings from drilling is in the box. Then pound in a new seal and re install the c-clip.
    You might want to replace all the seals. The bottom (two seals) is easy also. With the box on the truck hooked up without taking off the arm remove the c-clip. Fire up the truck and give it full left crank. The Presure will blow them out. Now the reason you leave the arm on is to catch them. There is two seals and a spacer. Take note of how they go then remove the arm from the box. You don't have to take the box loose to replace those seals.
    NOTE! This is very messy. If you care about stains Have a bunch of the catch pans under the box and under the axle (the fluid will run down the sping and drip off the U-bolts) Plastic tarps all over the drive and enviormental suits on.

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  4. Appreciate the info Grim. Looks like a weekend job. I truly am glad I got a solid response on how to do it.

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