steering box sux, what to do?

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    in my 77 K25 the steering box I put in had a bolt hole stripped.. so only 3 of bolts are tight.. It operates fairly well but it clicks because the box is moving a little when I turn.. If I take the time to take the old box out, im putting something better in. As of now, the movement is not going to do a lot of good for my powdercoated frame, nor the perfect circles that are the bolt holes now. If they oblong, im gonna hit the ceiling.

    Sooo........ Whats the story with steering gearboxes? Of course there is AGR.. and then there are the parts store units.. Any other experience with any other quality units? Not looking for any crossover ideas.. A regular box is going back in, just WHO's is the question.

    Also Im going to use some high quality studs and locking nuts for the new box. Anyone tried this? I dont want to ever touch those bolts again. I do have the steering brace on the truck so that helps.

    Heres a question Id like a real answer to: what are the spacers for on the steering box? Being that I have the steering brace, I only have 2 of them on there but Im thinking of loosing them. What is the REAL reason for their existence? If I have that box bolted like a m.f.'er to the frame, with the brace, I dont think I will have any problems. Agreed?

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    GM trucks crack the frame in that area ALL THE TIME don't run it for long with a broken bolt..
    Reinforcements are sold to go behind the box and in the corner of the frame if it cracks..
    The "spacers" are to keep the bolts tight..
    I know it sounds wierd, but when you use a spacer, the two pieces that are boted together can move around just a bit without making the bolt get loose...the longer bolt seems to have more "stretch" and stays tight...

    The 4x4 transmission X-member uses the same spacers...

    All the 1973 to 1987 (1990 burban/blazer)use the same box..

    There were two different steering shaft sizes, so if you get a junkyard box, make sure you get the "rag joint flange" take the two bolts out rather than the one 12 point bolt...

    Also, somewhere in the early 1980's they changed to a "metric box", with O-rings that seal the lines, the lines WILL NOT inter change... you have to use the same year pump, or change the 1" pressure fitting in the back of the pump and use the right lines...

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