steering box weld on kit labor hours???

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    Ok, Im having problems finding someone to help me with the weld on kit. So I just called the local 4x4 shop and they said they charge 3 hrs labor with this. Does this sounds about right?

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    (90 Jimmy 350 TBI, 14 FF/10 bolt, 4.56, tires ??
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    Yeah that sounds about right, in terms of charging you anyway. I'm sure it won't take them that long 'cause they (hopefully) know what they are doing. They have to take off the steering box, clean up the frame real good where they are going to weld, line up the plates properly, weld, then put the steering back together.

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  2. Yeah, they said they have installed them before. The only part I was really worried about is their welding but I have seen some of the roll cages this guy has made and the welding looks A1 but Im no welder, not yet anyway!
    You all think I should supply them with th longer bolts or let them get them? Probably me.

    Damn I need to learn how to use my welder!![​IMG]
    (90 Jimmy 350 TBI, 14 FF/10 bolt, 4.56, tires ??

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