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    I don't remember who wanted this info, what post it was under or even what year, but I said I'd find it so here it is. It was pre -80 right???
    Blazers and Jimmys are the same, and so are these other trucks (all chev trucks series 10-30 with both 350 and 400 trannys and GMC series 1500-3500, with 350 and 400 trannys), but only for the year or years listed together. Column shift only.

    1971 and 1972 are the same
    '73-'74 are the same
    '75-'76 are the same
    '77 stands alone
    '78 stands alone
    '79-'80 are the same
    '81 stands alone

    This info is from a library of Hollander guides. all listed years are direct replacements. I was told that '78 and '77 are very similar and with a couple of tweaks can be made to fit each other pretty easily. So just because the years aren't listed together dosen't mean it won't fit at all. Also all years are for tilt and for non-tilt are the same it???........js

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