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    i will soon be building a blazer or p/u to take back to sd to 4x and i am not so familiar with the steering mods i need to make to put an 8 inch lift on an 80's p/u or blazer as far as the steering arm and steering stabilizers and their actual use. i know i sound like an idiot but i have never built a capable truck and i don't know much about them. i have done a lot of 4x but mainly on easy trail with slightly lifted trucks. now i'm ready for the real deal any help would be appreciated
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    There are no idiots on this forum. Sometimes there are dumb questions that didn't have enough thought first. It is easier to answer a dumb question than to repair a costly mistake though. About steering supports, ORD makes both a weld in and a bolt in triangulated brace that you should install. As far as the rest, it is all personal preference. I would definitely install a dual steering stabilizer if you are going bigger than 35" tires.

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