Stephen-could the ORD sway bar disconnects bind? *DELETED*

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    Re: Stephen-could the ORD sway bar disconnects bind?

    Make sure the spring is flat to the purch. Most front lift leaf springs have long center pins to accomidate a shim to correct drive shaft angle. If that pin bottoms out before the spings seat on the purch you will have problems. If you don't need a shim then you need to grind down the pin till it alows the spring to sit flat.
    The ORD disconnects if anything will bind MUCH less. If they are moving then the axle has to be moving. That's normal for some movement on the drive side when sitting still because the steering box will pull and push against the axle in line with the frame due to the set up. The rasied arm magnifies this a little because it allwos a bit more leverage on the axle when the truck is not moving.
    Check where the box is mounted to the frame and make sure there are no cracks. Have somebody turn the steering while you watch the box and make sure it's not pulling off the frame. Yeah that box will move and the frame will's normal believe it or not. Call Stephen and get a brace LOL. Does wonders even on the street.
    You did install a raised steering arm right? the drag link needs to be close to level with the truck on level ground.
    If everything else checks out then you just need to adjust the Drag link (the short bar between the steering arm and the arm on the axle.
    Get the wheels pointed straight. loosen the two bolts on the drag link adjustment sleeve. One end is reverse threaded so you do not need to take it loose from the arms.With the wheels straight the arm off the steering box should be at close to 90degrees to the frame. Leave the key slightly turned so the colum doesn't lock. Start trunning the adjuster sleeve till the steering wheel comes straight. The arm on the steering box should be close to 90 deg to the frame when the steering wheel is straight. See if that gets you full turning back. It should.
    Also after about a 100 miles you want to go back a retorque the u-bolts and all other bolts you have removed. The u-bolts will strech some and loose a little torque. It's normal.

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