Stephen - do your rear discs really stop any better?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Eric M., Oct 28, 2002.

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    This probably isn't the best place for this post. I've done searches regarding rear disc conversions and am getting too many different answers, so I thought I'd ask you. Here's what I know (or think I know).

    Rear discs are good for mud running (no drums for mud to build up in).

    E-Brake set up (Caddi calipers) don't hold as well as stock drums.

    You need to occasionly adjust the rear E-brake calipers.

    On most vehicles, the rear brakes only do about 30% of the stopping. So, there would have to be a heck of an improvement before it would really be noticable.

    I don't run mud and it is important that I have a good functional parking brake. I'm thinking that unless there is a noticable difference in stopping ability, I should just stick with the stock set up. Was there a noticeable improvement when you went from the 14 bolt FF drums to discs?

    Thanks in advance .... sorry for the long post,

    Eric M.
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    Sep 15, 2000
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    Nope. I had to have a proportioning valve on both setups, factory drums and the discs. Both would lock up the rear WAY before I wanted it locked. I went disc since it was cheaper than rebuilding my drums when they wore out, and it's lighter and less mud and sand sensitive. If you want a good parking brake and don't have environmental concerns (mud), the drums work fine. If you do need better drum brakes, you can get into the 1-ton 13x3.5" drums and they'll stop any K5 ever built. People will probably give them to you!

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